Hi there. Welcome to the new Get It Scrapped classroom. You will need to SET UP YOUR USERNAME/ACCOUNT here in addition to the one you may already have in our forums (sorry!). Do this by purchasing a class OR by clicking on “Move My Classes” at the top and telling use what you’d like your username to be.

Yes. It gets confusing moving all over the place, and, yes, we’ve done it again. The thing is, technology has evolved such that we can stop delivering your classes through a clunky forum where we have to manually give you access. It’s just easier in the long run for you and for us to move into this new space. I promise to do my best to get your classes moved over and keep the place spic and span. And-hey!-Get it Scrapped is 3 years old now, so you could consider this us getting out of training pants 🙂

The following is an overview of the places you might go at Get It Scrapped! and what you’ll find at each of them. You can always go to our home page to get to any of these spots.

Thanks for your past class purchases and for continuing to learn with our team.


Get It Scrapped Home Page


This is where we’ll keep posting free articles, tutorials, and news from our teachers.



You can purchase any of our classes – workshops or self-paced – here. Put the class in your cart, pay via paypal (we may have a credit card option soon). After you confirm payment . . . wait a few seconds . . . and you’ll be directed over here to the classroom where you’ll set up your username and password.

You must set up a username and password here that is separate from the one you’re using in the forums or at Masterful Scrapbook Design. You are welcome to use the very same username and password you have over there, BUT this system doesn’t know about it until you set it up with your first purchase (or if you ask us to “Move My Classes” with the form above we’ll set it up).



That’s this place! Whenever you purchase a new class — after you confirm the payment, you’ll be sent over here where you’ll either

1) set up  your username and password — then have access to what you just purchased; or

2) click on the link for “existing members” (and enter that username and password you’ve set up here–in THIS classroom)

To access your classes, come here (classroom.debbiehodge.com) and then find them from the drop down menus. If you have any problems or questions, contact us!

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