Build Your Own Bundle (of Scrapbook Coach/Story Coach classes)

Wishing you could get a "bundle" price on our latest class series, but finding the big 10-pack bundles too much?

This week you can "build your own bundle" of any 3 current Scrapbook Coach/Story Coach classes and pay only $9 per class. Click the add to cart button and get started customizing your own bundle of our low-cost, high-impact classes.


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Choose any combo of 3 Scrapbook Coach/Story Coach classes.
You'll select your 3 classes after payment.

cost: $30

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(If you want to buy multiple BYOBs, you'll need to do them in separate purchases--complete one and then purchase the next.)

Scrapbook Coach

The Scrapbook Coach video classes teach you to start with a  common page foundation and then shake it up to make great looking scrapbook pages efficiently. In every class you scrapbook alongside me (Debbie Hodge) and I guide you in photo crops, paper choices, title treatments, and embellishing. I explain the design implications of choices throughout. There are 8 classes to choose from. Each class includes 4 videos and a pdf roadmap. Complete Scrapbook Coach details.


Story Coach

Story Coach shows you how to find stories that matter and then tell them with pacing and details that  involve and satisfy readers.  

Story Coach is a both a writing class and a repository for collecting and organizing your prompted writings and notes. For years, I’ve wanted to teach writing in a way that lets me sit alongside you and “coach” your stories forward. Story Coach does this in an affordable and effective way. Your stories accumulate and you are telling your story. There are 6 classes to choose from. Complete Story Coach details.


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