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This December, like Dorothy dropped into Oz or Alice tumbled into Wonderland, you will receive a call to adventure. You will move from the ordinary world into a one of magic and tests as the holiday season arrives. 

Many of the most-loved and best remembered stories play out in a story form described by Joseph Campbell (a mythologist and writer) as "the hero's journey." In Your December Story, you are the hero, moving from everyday life into the magical world of Christmas and December activities.

With prompts and page ideas designed to tell the story of a December Journey, record the ways you and your loved ones experience this magical time. What are the details of it? What are the tests and challenges? Who are your holiday mentors? And what are your special tools and magical objects for making celebrations happen? A recipe? A secret hiding spot for gifts?

As you near the "reward" consider what this season really means for you and share it in a way that resonates into the new year. Don't stop there, though, push your story that extra bit to understand and record the final steps of any hero's journey. Take the road back. Uncover and share the "magic elixir," that element that will make life different for you and others in 2014.

Every Monday for 6 weeks -- answer the prompts, view the ideas, master the visual storytelling techniques, and open yourself to new and inspired ways to tell your December story. Weave these stories into your December Daily album or let them inspire a complete book on their own.

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6 weekly lessons describe a step of the hero's journey, provide detailed prompts that you can enter into digital worksheets or printables, and ideas for visual and written stories.

November 25th: The Call to Adventure. In Your December Story, introducing your own "ordinary world" in the days before Christmas and December activities begin, is a way to show how impactful (and perhaps how much work) this transformation is. Plus record the early signs that pull you into the season and the process of getting into the spirit.

December 2nd: Mentors. In understanding and recording your holiday mentors, you'll have a chance to look at the traditions you've carried forward that others taught you as well as the fresh resources you turn to for ideas and projects.

December 9th: The Magical World. When this lesson arrives in Your December Story you are probably living in your own magical December world. We'll take the time to determine what makes the magic for you, the rules you navigate by and the experiences and companions you're with.

December 16th: Magical Objects and Tests. Christmas holidays can strain budgets, calendars, and personalities. No December can be predicted to run like the one before, and you are sure to face December challenges. Your magical objects may come in the way of recipes, or traditions. Songs and games. Or perhaps a secret hiding spot for gifts.

December 23rd: The Reward. What is your ultimate boon? What have you been working toward since you accepted the call in late November or early December? How does it play out?

December 30th: The Road Back and the Return with the Elixir. How (and when) do you return from the magic of Christmas to your everyday life? It's not just the logistical details you'll record with this lesson. It's what you've taken away from this particular holiday season. What were the most challenging and the most rewarding moments. Who did you spend time with? What traditions continue to delight and what new elements have you introduced? What attitudes and goals will you take forward into the new year?[/box][/threecol_one][threecol_one]

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 The "hero's journey" is a story shape that underlies many compelling tales -- use it to tell your own this year.preview2up

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Early Reviews

"My head is spinning with ideas for my family story! The lesson is intellectually rich. I am especially loving the excerpts from the books. What I love about this version of a December class is that it's about reaching farther into a prompt than just documenting the tree being trimmed. Yet, despite being richer in depth and content, I don't feel like this is an overwhelming approach. It breaks the month into sections versus having to tackle a day by day approach. It seems much more doable than a regular DD" - Christy Strickler

The English major geek in me, loved seeing the format Debbie used for this class. In Lesson One she draws from Alice In Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, and Peter & Wendy to capture the story of your everyday life leading into December. As I read through the first lesson I kept thinking, “anyone who has taken a photo a day with our November list is ready for Lesson 1!” Even without a photo a day, Debbie will guide you through creating your everyday story.  I loved her journaling prompts that include thoughtful questions about how you prepare for your holiday journey, where you store your decor, and more. Follow her prompts and you will document the most complete story you’ve ever told about your holiday! - Katrina Kennedy

I'm so glad that I got an early read on Debbie's latest class, Your December Story.  It is amazing, as usual.  In fact, I think the only thing that I would change is to let you all have access to it earlier!  It has totally boosted my Christmas spirit up two or three notches.  I actually got my Christmas CDs before Thanksgiving, and have already begun tackling my long list of December goals!  Thanks, Debbie, for the added holiday sparkle and motivation this year! - Doris Sander

What I love most about what I have seen in Your December Story is the invitation to embark on an adventure, the opportunity to choose to escape the normal and mundane, to jump in head first into a unique approach to story-telling, that might not only change the way you document the holiday season, but also the way you live and experience it. It's this latter part that has me REALLY excited. -Anna Aspnes 

I love the story-telling technique Debbie describes.  I'm keeping my album quite simple, sticking to the circle shapes and using lists to "tell" my story. - Betsy Sammarco 

 I’ve loved working my way through Debbie’s first lesson in Your December Story. I found the lesson a fascinating introduction to the Hero’s journey, and Debbie has used literature and art to inspire our memory keeping. Though I’m usually not at a loss for words, the guided writing is such a joy – I found it quick and easy to finish addressing the prompts while waiting for an appointment. - Melissa Shanhun

 I've decided to make an album jam packed full of my Christmas journey and what it all means to me. I want to get it recorded not just for me, but for my children and grandchildren. You see, I recently lost my mother and I wish I had something like this from her. I would have loved to known what her feelings were, what her challenges were, what her favorite part of the Christmas season was. - Terry Billman

How do you breathe fresh air into a beloved project? Thank you Debbie Hodge for the rescue! Your December Story is just what I needed! Like a new Dickens, you start your own Christmas Carols (or pick any Christmas book you like 🙂 ). Reading the intro of the class you have a very clear idea where this roadmap will lead you. Entering lesson one, Debbie takes you by the hand and guides you. Little details that you may have not noticed get the proper attention. It's the little details that construct a whole story. The best part is that we start right now, because let's face it: many of us start our Holidays preparations a month ahead. And for some reason I have never recorded my November preparations in my mini albums, even though we normally bring all the decorations for checking around the 20th of November!!! - Kiki Kougioumtzi

Each of us will tell our story differently, Debbie says, and I think that's what I liked so much about the first lesson. You have options. Even if you follow the prompts to the letter, you'll end up with a December story that will be all your own. Everyone will have their own ideas about their December quest, but using Debbie's guides will give you a structure for getting it all down on paper. Where did I start? I accepted Debbie's "call to adventure." - Sian Fair

Upon first hearing of this class I knew instantly that it would help me to achieve something in this year’s holiday album that I felt like had been missing from years prior–a real sense of story.  -Amy Kingsford

Can I say I love Debbie Hodge? I know it’s not a surprise but I don’t think people really understand she gets how people’s minds work. I mean come on – the first page of the first lesson there’s a checklist! ♥ that! It makes it easy to process the materials in chunks. I’m a busy girl, give me a checklist and I can plan to do items here and there – on my time.  Plus checking off things lets me know I’m working towards a goal and making progress. - Tami Taylor

Debbie Hodge has created the most amazing and easy way to tell an epic story about the holiday season in her new class Your December Story. I got the chance to preview the class and I was so inspired that I created several pages quickly and easily.  - Katie Scott


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