Tension Story Focus and Flow – 10 Lessons to Step Up Your Scrapbooking

tsffnew300_10ways10 techniques you can put to work now and FEEL SMARTER FOR KNOWING

get smart about your art

Self-paced class offered here in the Get It Scrapped classroom. Lessons are in written, video and audio formats. 

design techniques for stepping up your scrapbook pages

You’ve read about design principles, and you’re using your knowledge of them to make your pages, and, still, you feel like you could make better pages.

You’re adding repetitions with variety, you have a focal point, everything is visually balanced, and, yet, your pages don’t feel remarkable. 

Is there more? Are there rules no one’s telling you about?

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there is more

Indeed, there are touches that matter, touches that aren’t obvious once they’ve been done and yet a problem when they’re not done.

There are choices skilled designers make with an almost subconscious understanding of what will dazzle the eye and deliver a story that satisfies.

“Tension, Story, Focus and Flow” builds on your basic knowledge of visual design principles, to give you these advanced approaches for taking your designs to the next level. 


advice we give again and again

Last fall, through Get It Scrapped I began offering critique workshops in which experienced designers Paula Gilarde, Emily Pitts, Doris Sander, and Celeste Smith gave scrapbookers feedback on how to improve their pages. Between those workshops and the Masterful Scrapbook Design interviews, I spent over 10 hours every week in live webinars looking at and talking about scrapbook pages — about why they worked and how they could be work even better.

The lessons in this class come out of those many hours. They come out of advice given over and over. And they come out of the techniques I consistently see in evidence on the polished pages of the designers I hire to teach. You’ll see plenty of illustrations of the lessons here pulled from the pages of Masterful Scrapbook Design.

The 10 lessons fall into three areas.

Tension. Tension, a balance between opposing forces, is integral to the best fiction, painting, dance, sculpture–and scrapbook pages.

Story. A page that tells a story has more impact than one that shows photos without sharing the details that aren’t obvious. Use title and journaling — both their content and their rendering–to make story and text a dynamic part of your page designs. 

Focus and flow. A viewer needs a way –and a reason!–to “enter” into your page. Creating a compelling and decisive focal point and creating flow is the way you involve and please a viewer. See just how to be clear and confident in your design — and why that matters.

Illustrated with paper and digital scrapbook pages from more than a dozen designers.

The lessons are illustrated with over 50 paper and digital scrapbook pages by myself and MSD teachers Anna Aspnes , Lisa Dickinson, Sara Gleason,  Karen Grunberg,  Corrie Jones, Jana Morton, Lynnette Penacho, Emily Pitts, Krista Sahlin, Doris Sander, Tiffany Tillman, Dina Wakley, and Kim Watson.

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If you are wondering how to step up your scrapping, you need to study with Debbie Hodge. She has an understanding of design aesthetics that floors me every time I read her writings. Having seen this class take shape from the beginning, I am HIGHLY recommending it to all scrapbookers. – Emily Pitts

I was in one of the first Workshop Critique classes at Get It Scrapped and learned so much. But this class really brought it home. Sometimes I make a page and think – oh the design is great – love it… but it feels kinda shallow… and then others make me burst! Those are the ones where I’ve told a story. My preferred style is so clean that I tend to leave out journaling because it doesn’t “fit.” Not any more! There are so many ideas in this class that I can use to add tension and story and it doesn’t have to rise up and hit a person in the head. – Barb Brookbank

Debbie has done it again – she developed a new class that blew me away. – Paula Gilarde

I have taken many classes about design over the years to polish my scrapbooking, but I think I was following the design principles too closely. My pages were missing that special “oomph” – tension. I appreciated the examples you showed, and the before and after pages. Thanks much! – Deborah Wagner

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